Michelle Burnheim & Associates was founded in 2002 when we saw a need for highly specialised advice and guidance on process management issues across a range of industries. As the business needs of our clients evolved, our suite of service offerings have evolved to meet their needs. Today, we offer niche expertise and services relating to compliance and risk management.

We know compliance can cover a range of obligations in different organisations:

  • Compliance to an ISO Standard
  • Compliance to contract arrangements
  • Compliance to industry standards

Our team offers a range of compliance and risk-related services, including compliance program design, development and evaluation.

We ensure we remain true to a fundamental belief that meeting compliance obligations should be a seamless aspect of business operations. We work hard to understand how best to achieve this outcome for all our clients.

We use our expertise to solve our clients’ issues and ensure they meet these obligations in the most simple and straightforward manner.

We’re not shy about offering an opinion, suggesting a more efficient way to tackle a compliance-related issue. We’re confident our knowledge, skills and experience in compliance and risk management are valued assets to our clients.

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