Case Studies.

CASE STUDY #1: Training Program Solution

PROBLEM: The client had developed an industry standard for compliance auditors and needed to develop a customised training program that would ensure all auditors had a standard of competence that would ensure a consistent standard of auditing skills across the industry.

Our client needed a unique set of skills to develop the right training program – training program design, development and delivery, combined with an in-depth understanding of compliance and auditing.

SOLUTION: In close partnership with the client, using their industry specific standards, we developed a custom training program solution, providing the following services:

  • Scoping out and developing a training strategy in accordance with the industry specific competences developed by the client;
  • Developing a series of training courses including all materials: course manuals, trainer guides, slide presentations and end-of-course assessment instruments for in-class and post-course assessment purposes;
  • Facilitating the validation process to evaluate the training material and assessment tools; and
  • Delivery of a series of training sessions across metropolitan and regional New South Wales.

RESULTS: Our client had a training program that would ensure road-safety auditors were trained to ensure a consistent, high-calibre auditing standard could be maintained during all stage of road infrastructure construction and ongoing management.
The training program was delivered by Michelle Burnheim to over 200 auditing professionals in the road safety industry across Australia.

CASE STUDY #2: Compliance Program Solution

PROBLEM: The client had acquired a small law firm in a metropolitan suburb in northern Sydney, specialising in conveyance law. The firm serviced local clients, earning a modest income of approximately $100,000 per annum. The client had a vision to grow the firm by expanding their range of legal services and opening a second office in an inner city suburb.

The challenge was to ensure their business processes and infrastructure operated effectively and efficiently, and had the ability to support future growth. The current approach was labour intensive, requiring significant efforts to meet compliance obligations.

The client needed a compliance program to ensure their business processes operated in an effective and efficient manner, whilst maintaining all regulatory obligations.

SOLUTION: Working closely with the client, using the LAW9000 Standard as our criteria, we developed a Compliance Program solution providing the following services:

  • Conducted a gap analysis of existing processes to identify current issues with processes;
  • Developed process related instructional guidelines including policies, procedures and general guidelines to ensure processes were clearly defined and outcomes effectively controlled;
  • Implemented the Compliance Program across the firm to ensure all staff understood and could apply the guidelines to all aspects of their work; and
  • Conducted a series of internal audits to ensure the compliance program was effective in meeting all regulatory requirements.

RESULTS: Our client achieved accreditation to the LAW9000 Standard within nine months of project inception, and has, over the last four years, continued to grow and expand the firm, with another two offices opened in Sydney. Their annual revenue is now over $1,000,000 and the firm is rated as one of the top five firms in their area of law.

The client continues to use our services to maintain their accredited LAW9000 compliance program, with each new office adopting the firm’s process protocols and methods.

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